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2019 - Present






Country, Alt-Country, Country Rock 

"Having been reported as one of the top most downloaded country songs in Canada – among artists like Blake Shelton and Justin Moore – by RDR Music Group, 'The Man You Make Me'  has undoubtedly garnered itself a reputation amongst country music lovers in just the short time since its release"
- The Hype Magazine


Country singer-songwriter Tanner Dawson solidified his status in the music scene after the success of his global heartfelt single "The Man You Make Me" in 2021. The release earned acclaim from numerous press outlets whilst gaining hundreds of spins and rotations on Canadian Radio. 


Tanner describes himself as "a songwriter first, an entertainer second, and a singer third". Working in the welding industry, Tanner is the definition of a hard-working, blue-collar boy, striving to bring his working-class grit to the country scene. 


After selling out numerous gigs in 2022, including the Roxy in Vancouver amongst other iconic venues, Tanner has built himself a solid reputation for performing high-energy shows and festivals that always leave the audience craving more. 


Later in 2022, Tanner performed a showcase (Diamonds in the Rough) at the CCMA's. Fans eagerly await more of Tanner's traditional country vocals with influences of rock, blues, funk, and 90's country. Tanner is set to perform more shows to express his songwriting talents partnered with his unique, broad sound. The release of the upcoming EP is also sure to set the stage for big things ahead.


"Everything has to start at the lyrics. That's where I put my soul and my emotions out there, but once you have that foundation you have to put those words in a package that creates a fun and interesting experience for listeners and fans to experience live.  I love performing, running around on stage and I feed off the energy of the crowd. The fact is though... I can't sing like George Strait or Kenny Chesney, and I can't play guitar like Brad Paisley, but what I can do is engage a crowd and tell truth through my music”. - Tanner Dawson

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