Tanner Dawson is a Canadian Country Music Artist

born in raised in small town Chase, BC. Dawson has

recently released his debut single “The Man You Make

Me” and is working on his debut EP to be released

mid-2022. In short, Dawson is the definition of a hard-working, blue collar boy, striving to bring his working class grit to the country music scene.

Dawson’s traditional country vocal mixed with his influence of rock, blues, funk, and 90’s country create a very unique and broad sound that he hopes to showcase in his subsequent releases. Dawson emphasizes these different influences drastically with his live shows, which prove to be very high energy and gives “a little something for everyone”.

In an interview Dawson describes himself as “a songwriter first, an entertainer second, and a singer third”, which he later explains; “Everything has to start at the lyrics, that’s where I put my soul and my emotions out there, but once you have that foundation you have to put those words in a package that creates a fun and interesting experience for listeners and fans to experience live. At the end of the day I love performing, running around on stage and I feed off of the energy of the crowd. The fact is though… I can’t sing like George Straight or Kenny Chesney, and I can’t play guitar like Brad Paisley, but what I can do is engage a crowd and tell truth through my music and make everyone in the audience feel like they are right on stage with me. That is what I bring to the table.”



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